Karen Morrison is inspiring generations of Irish children at a little school in rural West County Cork. She has transformed Kilbrittain National School and teaching approaches to ensure children of every ability thrive through her inclusive approach. Karen has created the first autism unit in the area, raising the funds to build and staff it.

The knock-on effect has transformed the lives of the children involved, their families and the community.Sean Moloney, 10, is a changed little boy since his Principal Karen spotted he was autistic a er having him in class for just 10 days.

His mum Sinead, 43, said: “Karen has made a fantastic difference to Sean’s life at school and at home. Immediate, intense and ongoing support set up has helped Sean become such a different and much happier little boy.

“His sensory issues have decreased dramatically thanks to the programmes she has had set in place. Sean is now chatty and confident and has a good group of friends he can play with. And when he is stressed we all know how to cope. The school was always good but now it’s leading the way in the country with its approach and ability to teach all children.”

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