For five years pretty Alyssa Kelly had watched in frustration as her twin sister Amber scrambled to toddle, walk and then run. Confined to a wheelchair, the youngster had been told she couldn’t walk because she had Cerebral Palsy. But when Alyssa hit her fifth birthday, she secretly hatched a plan to prove the doctors wrong. And shortly a er she turned six, she took her first steps without any help, after months of secret, painful practice on her own.

In an incredible moment, Alyssa ensured the family had gathered together before she made her big entrance. She called to them from the sitting room,“roll up, roll up come and see what I can do.” And for the first time in her life in front of anyone, she got up on her feet and walked five steps. That was the last day Alyssa used her wheelchair. Her mother Tina was astonished that her daughter had proved the specialists wrong.

Mum Tina said: “I was stunned, absolutely stunned for a moment and there were lots of whoops and laughter, but then I realised who we were talking about here – Alyssa, the girl with the biggest sense of drive and determination I’ve ever met.”

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