Lynn Cahill

Lynn Cahill is a young mum of five who spends every Friday night cooking and feeding over one hundred homeless people on the streets of Dublin.

Once her kids are tucked up in bed, the kindhearted Mum heads out into the night and spends up to six hours walking the streets to dish out hot meals and warm clothes to the city’s most in need.

In November last year, dedicated Lynn set up Cairdeas, which provides hundreds of people with clothes, food and accommodation. Lynn now has five other members who help her each week, including chef Dulce de Prado, who whips up some hot meals.

Each Friday, busy Mum Lynn spends the day cooking for the night ahead. Lynn’s friend, Ruth Cullen, nominated the big-hearted charity worker for the Local Hero award because of her “generosity and kindness”. Ruth added: “She’s such a kind, genuine person and what you see is what you get. I don’t know how she does it, she has five kids and her hubby Gareth minds the children while she goes off into the night.

“She’s very kind and would do anything for anyone. She listened to the lads when they said they’d love a hot meal instead of a cold sandwich so she has stew on for them every Friday night.”



“What a woman, to leave her family and kids at the weekend and to give up her time and cook for hundreds less fortunate than she is, is just so heart-warming and she is so young too, with small children. What a super special, giving lady.”

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