A train was bearing down on Gavin Leane but he refused to move to safety while his friend Erin lay on the track, her life draining away. What had started out as a perfect aernoon at a Dublin christening, ended in horror as 31-yearold Erin tripped as she disembarked. The train driver, oblivious to the situation, pulled away and the force of the movement sucked Erin underneath the last carriage.

The mum-of-one suffered devastating crush injuries to most of her body and her le leg was partially amputated. Erin, a photographer, had to undergo an emergency amputation at the scene. She also suffered a punctured lung, a ruptured spleen, her right knee was broken in two places and every rib broken or crushed. Bleeding profusely, her life was saved by a tourniquet applied by Brian at the scene.

She said: “I was dying and Gavin saved me despite the fact other trains were coming our way. He’s the bravest person I know. Because of him I am alive today and my daughter Lily Clare still has a mummy.” Gavin said: “Erin was my hero that day, she was remarkable and I just did what I could”.

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