Peter McVerry, the privately educated son of a wealthy Newry family, stepped out of a life of privilege into a world
where the treatment of the poor, voiceless and vulnerable shocked him. Living in Summerhill, north inner city Dublin, Fr McVerry started out helping young people who’d dropped out of school and had become involved in crime and prison life.

Since then he has challenged Ireland’s attitude to citizens living on the edge of society, tirelessly helping the homeless find homes and the hopeless, hope. He has been a saviour for many deemed too problematic for other agencies to deal with, opening hostels, apartments, help centres and a residential drug detox centre, creating a space where people can find dignity.

A Jesuit Priest, Fr McVerry champions the cause of the marginalised, misused and ignored, bringing humanity into the lives of many who have never experienced it before. He said: “Homelessness is a political problem that this country has the ability to bring an end to, but until that happens, I’ll continue to do all I can.” The poor changed Fr McVerry’s life and it’s been his life’s work to helpchange theirs.

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