As a postman, David Carrie is used to moving fast and delivering the goods. But this postie has helped an entire village get on its feet and start marathon running. Now 123 of the men, women and young people from Dunleer, Co Louth, have completed their first Dublin Marathon, all coming across the line in under seven hours – led by David all the way. He was nominated by the group of one-time couch potatoes, most of whom hadn’t run a metre since primary school days.

Today the one-time sleepy village of Dunleer is bounding with energy and passers-by are welcomed by a wave of endless roa runners night and day. Sarah Gardiner nominated the postie, and said: “Not only has David continued to deliver our post, he has helped deliver good health, fun, community spirit and a competitive edge to the entire village.

“With his wife Aileen, he set up a running group four years ago called Team Carrie and one-by-one he managed to get hundreds of people running for
fitness and fun. “David is a true inspiration and a true sporting hero. He has changed the future of our village’s community by helping us change the present.”

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