They may only be eight and five years old, but Gavin and Liam Kelly know all about being lifesavers. The brothers have been their mother Ciara’s first emergency responders for more than five years. And incredibly they have brought her back from the brink of death on countless occasions.

Ciara has severe diabetes and sudden and dramatic dips in blood sugar levels mean she can pass out and suffer violent and potentially fatal seizures. Gavin was just two-and- a-half years old when he learned how to phone his daddy, Philip, and the ambulance service during an emergency.
They have now even learned to give their mum a life-saving injection which helps bring her round a er an attack.

Ciara, from Dublin, said: “I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for Gavin and Liam. Not only are they the little people I live for, but they have literally saved my life when I’ve collapsed. “Both of the boys have administered Glucagon which is two solutions that have to be mixed together before being injected into me using a syringe.They also give me Lucozade through a straw – which was even their own idea to make it easier on us all.”

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