When Brian Hogan’s life was blown apart with a single punch, he almost died many times.

Brain-damaged, paralysed, blind and living in a nursing home for the elderly at 32, he refused to give up. Four years on he is still battling to improve and shows students how one punch can decimate a life. Brian survived brain surgery, months in hospital, years in a nursing home and is now living at an acquired brain injury unit in Limerick.

He plans to move to his own home with supported living staff to try and get back to a fuller life. His sister Nevis said: “Brian is working hard on rehabilitation and helping others by going out to schools to tell pupils about the dangers of one-punch incidents in the hope that they can avoid them.” Brian said: “My family had to stand by and watch when things were at their most hopeless and showed more courage than I could ever have asked of them while I just had to survive. “I miss a lot about my old life especially my sight but I’m building a good life and hope to prevent people from getting hurt like me in one-punch incidents.”

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