Noel Brady

Having volunteered since 1940, he’s the only recipient of a 75 years’ service medal in the worldwide community of the voluntary organisation. Ricky Treacy, Deputy Commissioner for St. John Ambulance in Ireland has known Noel since he started an impressive 37 years ago.

He said: “He’s one of a kind. You will never see a man like him again. He’s a pinnacle of his generation.” Ricky added: “Noel is known, even at 94, for being a bit of a joker and a prankster. When he went up to receive his Service Award, he was blessing the audience. He’s still so sharp.” While working as a dental technician, Noel volunteered for the organisation and as Superintendent for the Walkinstown division, he was in charge of 40 volunteers. He also had to fundraise for the division in order to keep his ambulance on the road.

On average, a St. John Ambulance volunteer gives up around 20 hours of their time a week but Noel devoted more time due to his role as a Superintendent. Having clocked up over 75 years of service, it means he’s volunteered for at least a staggering 78,000 hours. There’s no retirement in sight as Noel still volunteers with the service as a Staff Officer and attends weekly meetings in an advisory capacity.



“At 94 Noel is simply a legend, dedicating his life to St. John Ambulance. He’s the only recipient of a 75 years’ service medal, making him an absolute hero.

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